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Get VPGs by ZORG

  • Developer using the Zerto API for the first time.   I’d really like to use the REST API to get a list of VPGs by ZORG identifier.  ZORG ZPI seems limited.  Is there a way to to this other than getting all of the VPGs and then doing the filtering myself after the fact?

    Hi Geoff,

    You can actually use our VPG API to get the VPG details and then filter it out, see the curl example:

    curl -D responseHeader -H “Content-Type: application/json” –H “Accept: application/json -H “x-zerto-session: 9UDQD6RG7YF33QJLWQXGJV8C453N277NA22P7FSNWVZCJTWCBRHQ”


    Ah, perfect.  I wasn’t aware of those filters, but now I see them.

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