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Files corrupted after failover

  • Hi,

    Has anyone ever faced files corruption after the failover from one site to another? We recently migrated one server from one datacentre to another using Zerto and after migration some files were corrupted on FS level. Virtual machine was up and running, but some files inside of VM were missing or corrupted. I was surprise since Zerto works with the whole VMDK file and would not differentiate files inside the VM.

    Has anyone ever faced this kind of issue? Maybe this is related to another issue?



    Have you ever rolled back from snapshot on that protected machine? If you did, you need to go into Zerto and do a “Force Sync” to get the disks aligned again. The disks will be mis-matched due to the rollback. Version 5.5 logs a warning now to alert you to this fact, but that’s a brand new feature. You’d have no visual indication of this prior to version 5.5.

    We have just seen the same issue with doing a DR test.  A force resync fixed it but we dont know what other Vms can be having coorruption issue.  We can re-sync every day.  so far we have seen this with RDM disks shared cluster.  We are only protecting the primary node.


    Anyone else have a solution for this?  We have a case opened now with Level 3 support.

    Senior Virtualization Engineer

    Sounds like quite a tricky situation there with your VM. Best guess is is that the VMDK files are corrupt. But just because they are corrupt doesn’t mean you can’t get them back. As you can see in https://www.diskinternals.com/vmfs-recovery/repair-vmdk-files/ Fixing the problem isn’t such a hard task now. Mware files are prone to corruption as is any other data or database file. So it’s quite a normal factor.

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