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Failover Test – vmware port group

  • (vcenter A to vcenter DR)
    Hi Team,

    just a question, in the failover test it creates a new VM on the DR site and after creating it, it power off the VM from the principal site, am I right?

    after that I need to go to the DR site and add the correct port group to the VM for communication?

    or can zvm set the production network where the VM needs to be to communicate?

    Conducting a failover test on a VMware port group is crucial for ensuring network resiliency and continuity. This process involves simulating a failure scenario to verify that virtual machines can seamlessly switch to a backup network path without disruption. Regularly performing such tests helps identify potential issues and ensures that your failover mechanisms are functioning correctly. It’s a key practice in maintaining a robust virtual network infrastructure. https://justpaste.it/g2xd9

    Hi Derick,

    The answer to your first question is no, a failover TEST will not power off the VM(s) in the principle “Protected” site.

    The answer to your 2nd and 3rd questions are that you add the PortGroups that you want the VMs to get assigned to in the DR site when you configure the VPGs.

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