Failover/Move one VM in a VPG

  • Hi, we’re running Zerto v7 Update2. Is there a way to failover or move an individual VM< that’s contained in a VPG with several other VMs?

    Hi George,

    I don’t believe that you can individually select a VM during the Move process. You can, however, choose individual VMs when you’re failing over. When you’re selecting the VPG, there’s an icon to the right of the VPG name: a dotted-lined box with an arrow pointing to the top left corner. When you click on that icon, you’ll get a popup where you can select the VMs you want to include.

    Pages 325 and 326 of this guide go into more detail.



    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your reply and information. Yep I found the dotted-lined box with the arrow to the top left corner in both the test and real failover options, but it’s not there in the Move VPG facility. I’d like to suggest a product enhancement of enabling this in the VPG move 🙂


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