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Export VPG / VM list to csv via script

  • Is there a way to export a “vpg list report”, similar to the one you get via the export link on the VPG tab, via script?    When having to rebuild VPGs, the information in this report is invaluable when saving the disks for use as preseed data.   This list is useful when trying to match up recovery vmdks with source vmdks for use as preseed.   I’d like to be able to export this list via scheduled task.

    Hi Jim,

    Can you try using this script?

    This script will list all VMs currently being protected by Zerto.  Within the output the VMs themselves will be listed, the VPG they are in, used storage space, source site, target site, and VPG priority. The script will also output the table to a CSV if a hard copy is required.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks Ryan,

    Unfortunately, this only outputs the VMs and which VPGs they belong to.    What I’m really looking for is all information within the VPG, most importantly the source and target VMDK names for the VMDKs within the VMs to be able to manually rebuild VPGs in cases where the morefid changes, etc.

    Would the VPGSettings API provide the information you need? It does have VM information in it.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Product Manager

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