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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to export all settings from a Zerto 5.0 U1 instalation using the export-settings cmdlet, but receive the following error:

    Export-Settings : System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response to http://x.x.x.x:9669/ZvmService/SiteController.
    This could be due to the service endpoint binding not using the HTTP protocol. This could also be due to an HTTP request context being aborted by the server (possibly
    due to the service shutting down). See server logs for more details. —> System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on
    a receive. —> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. —>
    System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

    What’s the problem?


    The error is indicating that the command you ran didn’t connect to the ZVM.  I would open a support case (done through the UI) and they can assist you further.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!

    Solved. Was running against the wrong TCP port with the wrong account.


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