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Export-Settings to local host

  • I was wondering if I can have Export-Settings run against 9080 or would localhost 9080 work, or does it HAVE to be executed remotely?


    For example ;

    Export-Settings 9080 username password > C:\Destination

    Hi Lehi,

    Thank you for reaching out.  I am not sure how one can configure this, but I will reach out to the product/engineering team and follow up with you as soon as I hear back.


    Hi Lehi,

    Yes, you can use localhost or and run it from the server that is running ZVR. All that parameter does is tell the CMDLET which server to run the process against, but you must supply that parameter.

    From “get-help export-settings -full” command:


    The IP address of the machine where the Zerto Virtual Manager is installed that is used to process the cmdlet.
    Required?                    true
    Position?                    1
    Default value
    Accept pipeline input?       true (ByPropertyName)
    Accept wildcard characters?  false

    Awesome! Thank you for the leg work on this one Ryan. 🙂 Just wanted to make sure before I started making plans/promises to people.


    Thanks again!!

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