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Example of Python script for a ZVM linux appliance

  • Hello,

    I’m running Zerto 10.0 on the Debian ZVM appliance, I’m looking for an example of a working Python3 script connecting to the API and performing a simple task.

    Scripts on https://github.com/ZertoPublic/Python-Automation-Examples doesn’t seem up-to-date:

    • they connect to the 9669 port,
    • the session URL for the token is /session/add

    Have a nice day,

    There is a simple ‘list VPG’ Python code sample for the ZVM appliance here:


    Thank you, I’ve managed to make it work.

    Creating the client in Keycloak wasn’t easy, I’ve made one with the “viewer” role and it can initiate an evacuation which I find strange. I was thinking of monitoring Zerto with Zabbix and I need to create a read-only user, which role should I use?

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