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ESXi host migration

  • currently I have esxi host running with old hardware and would like to techfresh esxi host hardware which is running 5.5 to new hardware with esxi 6.0. Can you please advise what is the best practice the to do so?

    Build your new ESXi server, join it to the cluster and mount shared storage. Install a VRA on the new host. vMotion your VM’s onto new host. When complete, uninstall the VRA from old host. Zerto won’t even miss a beat. I’ve done this multiple times.

    Hi Matthew,

    Actually the old esxi is version 5.5 and new is 6.0u3. The old and new esxi are at different cluster, but using same shared storage.

    Doesn’t matter the version of ESXi. As long as they are in the same vCenter, and you keep the VM’s registered, Zerto won’t have an issue. I’ve done this many times. If your old and new hosts are not vmotion compatible, you’ll just need to shut down the VM first, then vmotion it, then power it back on. Zerto will still work fine.

    I understand that the VM can vMotion. How about the VRA at the new vCenter? Need to install the VRA at new vCenter?

    Oh you’re moving to a new vCenter? You didn’t mention that in your initial question. I assumed you were keeping the same vCenter, and just creating a new cluster. This changes everything. With a new vCenter, you’re going to have to turn up an entirely new Zerto instance. You’ll need a new ZVM and you’ll have to recreate all your VPG’s once you move the VM’s to the new vCenter. This is considerably more work, but not challenging, you just need to move through all the pieces. You should keep the files at the remote site when you delete the VPG’s so you can use them as seed files when you recreate the VPG on the new vCenter.

    Hi Matthew,

    You have any step or guide to do that? Because I quite new for Zerto

    There might be some documentation, look in the portal. If I were you I’d open a support ticket and have them help you.

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the advise. I will try open case with support to get help on since we have valid maintenance support with Zerto

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