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Estimate size for my DR site

  • Need to know what is the estimate size I should have free on my DR site.

    We have a new tool called the “zPlanner” for estimating how much space you will need on the target site. You can access the zPlanner following the steps below.

    1. Log into Zerto GUI (only works for 7.0u1 and up)
    2. Click on Analytics tab
    3. Click Planner
    4. Identify which VM(s) need to be part of a VPG
    5. Add VM(s) you want in the VPG and change hypervisor to what the target site should be
    6. Click next
    7. Identify the output of how much storage the VM(s) will take how much much journal size should be for 24 hour SLA

    Note* zPlanner is only available in Zerto version 7.0u1.

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