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Estimate Daily Change Rate %

  • I’ve been struggling to find a way good way to estimate the daily change rate for a VM so I can use this info to better estimate the journal size. I’ve read through all the Zerto guides on the topic and they all reference using the daily change rate % in their formula but don’t give any recommendations on how to go about finding this value. The only metrics close to this would be average disk writes for the VM but this doesn’t give me a total value of all the bits written over a period of time.

    The only way I can see how to most accurately estimate journal size is to setup the VM in Zerto with a smaller recovery period like 4 hours, and extrapolate that out to a larger recovery time. This involves setting up the VM in Zerto however and I wanted to try and get an estimate without setting up the VM.

    How is everyone else estimating journal size?

    Hi Adam,

    you could always use our Planning Tool inside Zerto Analytics , this will give you figures on estimated journal sizes for VM’s

    currently this is only supported for workloads that are currently inside VMware Environments.

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    Kind Regards

    Chris Rogers

    Thanks Chris, I appreciate the response. This is what I figured I’d use if I had to first include the VM within Zerto replication in order to get the metrics I was after. I was just also looking to see if anyone has used any other tools to gather these metrics outside of Zerto.

    Hi Adam,

    The VM’s don’t need to be in Zerto for planning metrics to be available – they don’t have to be replicating just our ZVM is being used to gather metrics that is all



    The Planning Tool inside Zerto Analytics is still not available if using Hyper-V. Was told it would be out “soon” which does not obligate them to get it done. Disappointing. Don’t advertise that Zerto works with Hyper-V when not everything does.

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