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Duplicate VRA/VRAHs?

  • Jay Jurado from GMS:

    In one of our Zerto environments where we have three blades, we are showing three Z-VRAs and two Z-VRAHs. I can’t find anything in the admin guide to explain these?


    What you are seeing is normal behavior. The VRA-H is basically a diskbox that contains several of the protected VMDKs on the target site. The VRA-H is created automatically for you once you protected a certain amount of volumes.

    There is a limit of how many SCSI devices can be attached to a controller as well as how many controllers can exist on a VM in vCenter. To work around this limit on the VRA, we deploy a VRA-H which extends more controllers for disk allocation. It is essentially a dumb appliance with no OS, IP or use VMware tools. The primary VRA links and manages the VRA-H, and sends the IO data to the disks attached to the VRA-H.

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