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Check if a VM is in a VPG

  • Hi all.

    I’d like to check for the name of a server in Zerto and see if it’s a member of a VPG, using either the PS cmdlets or API. I see ways to list all VPGs and then list all the servers in those VPGs, which I could then check the server name against. However, that’s a fairly heavy query (and much more complicated code) if all I want to do is to check a servername.

    I’ve both the Zerto Virtual Replication PowerShell Cmdlets Guide and the Automating Zerto Virtual Replication with PowerShell & REST APIs Whitepaper, but with no luck. I feel like there’s got to be an easy way to do this that I am missing. Can someone point me in the right direction for this?

    This is for a server decom process, checking Zerto should be enough because we’re hopefully not decommissioning too many systems that are being replicated between DCs. Eventually, I’ll probably add a Remove VM from VPG step.

    Thanks in Advance,


    Ted, I created the below script for the opposite purpose – to find VMs that are not in a VPG, but you can tweak it for your needs. Note that this uses the basic VMware Powershell module and the “ZertoModule” available in the standard repository (using Find-Module), which I later realized is not provided by Zerto.  I am currently in the process of converting this to use standard Zerto API calls, but I’m not there yet…

    Hope this helps….


    $clustervms = get-cluster $cluster | get-vm
    $zertovms = get-zertovm
    #initialize arrays
    $protected = @()
    $unprotected = @()
    foreach ($vm in $clustervms) {
    $vpg = $zertovms | where {$_.vmname -eq $vm.name}
     if ($vpg -eq $null){ # VM is not included in Zerto Replication 
       if( $vm.name -notlike "Z-VRA*" -and` #exclude Zerto appliances
          $vm.name -notlike "off-*") { # exclude decommissioned VMs
             # Add VM name to Unprotected array
             $unprotected += $vm.name
     else {
     # Add VPG Object (including VM name and VPG name) to Protected array 
     $protected += $vpg


    Thanks for that info Jason. Get-ZertoVM is exactly what I needed.  I just got a basic script going to query our Zerto server and give me the info.



    PS: Thanks for your quick response and sorry for my delayed reply. I was out with the flu the 2nd half of last week. 🙁

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