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Can Zerto exclude disks for replication?

  • I am trying to figure out if Zerto can completely ignore certain disks on a protected VM.  We have database backup dump devices that we do not want to replicate.  I realize there is a temp flag that can be set that will not replicate changes after initial sync but from the documentation I have found it appears to require replication during the initial sync.


    We do not have a feature to completely ignore a disk at this time.

    When you recover that VM without the “dump device” disk(s) today, what does that recovery look like? Any MBR/GBT or OS issues due to the missing disk(s)?

    Currently, we just present a new empty dump device at the DR location as part of our failover.  Today the servers replicate with EMC SRDF but we exclude the LUNs from SRDF that make up the dump devices.  We are migrating to Nutanix with Zerto Replication and I was hoping to limit the need to replicate the dump devices currently attached to the production servers.  We are talking about pretty huge databases and I am just trying to limit the replication.

    Thank You for your prompt reply!



    You may already be planning for this, but one workaround is to (1) empty the VM’s temp drive, (2) set up the Zerto Virtual Protection Group (VPG) to protect that VM and mark that drive as temp as part of the VPG wizard, and then (3) save the VPG and allow it to move through Initial Sync. Boom… no wasted terabytes of “dump drive” space.

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