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Can we rename a ZVM site name?

  • Posted on behalf of Adam L.

    Can we rename the site name without any consequence? We want to rename some sites for a new naming convention.



    Mike from Zerto here. Are you renaming the ZVM or vCenter in this case?

    If you are renaming the ZVM VM, changing the hostname in the guest OS of the machine hosting the ZVM will not affect Zerto.

    If you are renaming the vCenter instance, you would need to run a Reconfigure to update the name in Zerto. For directions, please see the following:


    Hi Mike.  We’re just looking to change the site name.  I tried to post a screenshot, but don’t see how.  If you go to site settings in the ZVM console, it’s the first field under Site Information.  I assume it has no impact, but just wanted to verify.




    Hello Adam,

    Thank you for clarifying. That name is for your identification purposes, and can be changed without issue.

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