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Be Careful upgrading to 9.5!

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to warn others before they end up in the same situation as us. We had a perfectly functioning 9.0 environment replicating to two sites in Azure, but ever since the upgrade to 9.5, our Azure replication broke. All VPGs simply state Site Disconnection. Already spent over 3 hours with L1 and L2 support and they can’t figure it out, and it has now gone to Development to see what is going on. All connectivity tests were performed by support and everything passed, nothing is blocked, but something in 9.5 changed to break this.

    Just a warning. I will post an update if this gets resolved, else I got to restore everything. Will see how quick they can get to the bottom of this.

    After working with support, the issue was tracked down to something completely unrelated to Zerto. Within Azure we have a domain controller, which has specific DNS settings defined on an interface level that are different then the overall VNET DNS servers. Somehow this DNS server definition for a domain controller screwed up some synchronization with Zerto. Something to do with Zerto capturing the overall Azure configuration and sending it to the ZVM to sync…and those DNS servers being defined caused some error in the code. Once we removed the DNS server definitions from the interfaces, and just defined custom DNS within Windows itself, everything started working right away!

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