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Azure ZVM login issue

  • I have created a Zerto VM from the Azure marketplace and logged in and have Zerto 5 installed, but now when I try to log into the ZVM page it tells me bad credentials and that I should use a FQDN for my username. Since this is a VM in Azure, I don’t believe a have a username@domain.local account to use so I am currently stuck. I think I’m missing something simple, can anyone help me figure out what it is?

    Hi Mike,

    Ensure you are logging in with “the email or phone number of the account who is the Azure subscription owner,” (used during ZVR installation).

    If you are using the proper credentials and the Azure region/subscription owner is properly configured and are still encountering issues, please contact Zerto support.



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    I was able to figure out my issue. On the ZVM page I was using the wrong password for the local admin account on the system. Thanks for helping.

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