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AWS to AWS x region for DR. Can this work?

  • Customer wants a DR in AWS W from the AWS E. Can this be done?

    Hi Cory,

    Currently this is not a supported configuration, however coming soon will be our AWS –> AWS Replication feature.

    Please watch out for announcements on this or reach out to your account team who will be able to provide you with more details as they become available.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Rogers

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    Accessibility Zones are different, detached areas inside every Region.

    Neighborhood Zones give you the capacity to put assets, for example, register and capacity, in numerous areas nearer to your end clients.

    AWS Outposts brings local AWS administrations, framework, and working models to essentially any server farm, co-area space, or on-premises office.

    Frequency Zones permit designers to construct applications that convey super low latencies to 5G gadgets and end clients. Frequency conveys standard AWS register and capacity administrations to the edge of media transmission transporters’ 5G organizations.

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