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Architecture questions.

  • We have 2 sites and have a cluster at each site that replicate to each other with Zerto for cross-site replication, We are going to purchase new clusters, and wanted to know:
    1. Can the old clusters be used primarily for the Zerto appliance¬† without having to put them on the new clusters, and still have replication back to the old ones for Disaster Recovery. (New clusters replicating to their old ones inter-site, no cross) We want to try to trim down resource usage on the new clusters, and use the old ones only in disaster recovery situations bringing up only the essential VM’s until we can fix what is broken.
    2. Can those 2 Zerto appliances replicate back to each other to maintain cross-site replication.

    Thanks All!


    From Zerto Support.

    I assume the Hypervisor is vCenter.


    1. Are the old cluster and the new cluster part of the same vCenter or the new cluster is on their own vCenter?
    2. Is the new cluster is going to have the ZVM server?

    Note: Currently Zerto is only supporting one ZVM server per vCenter.

    Thank you.


    Sorry I should have clarified a little more on the structure and Hyper Visor. It is a Hyper-V windows environment. They will continue to be so.

    Everything will continue to be on the same platform. Just want to eliminate load from the new clusters, and still have replication back to the old ones.

    If we can complete cross-site replication by having the two “Old” Clusters be able to replicate to each other. Our “Old” clusters (individually) can handle full production load so that’s where making sure cross site replication is key at this point. If a site goes down we can still run off of the other with very little downtime. We are handling regenerative medicine/therapy, and timing is crucial.

    The new clusters will hold only the necessary roles to complete replication back, (if possible) without the overhead of all the VRA’s for the replicas.

    Does the ZVM server need to be hosted anywhere specific for Hyper-V

    Does that clarify a little more?


    Hello Kurt,

    From Zerto Support.

    As long the ZVM server, old cluster and new cluster are on the same SCVMM, you shouldn’t have any issues.

    If this still doesn’t answer your question,¬† please open a support ticket we will be happy to assist your question.

    Thank you.


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