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API GET for Site (WAN) Traffic

  • Is there anyway to get the current WAN Traffic value via the API, I can find nothing in the guide and you are quite easily able to get IOPs, Throughput and Current RPO for a given VPG.

    This is a vital metric in order to pull data that can be used to show clients what kind of bandwidth their VPG’s are consuming between sites when deployed in an “In Cloud DR” methodology for a Service Provider.

    Even with 4.0 Update 2 the built in reporting only goes back 4 hours per VPG which is totally insufficient for anything other than troubleshooting in the moment.


    Hey Sam,

    I noticed that you hadn’t received a reply from the community. It is possible to get the average WAN throughput using the Resource Report API:

    https://zvm_ip:port/ZvmService/ResourcesReport/getSamples?fromTimeString={fromTim eString}&toTimeString={toTimeString}&startIndex={startIndex}&count={count

    This isn’t however the total throughput. You would need to use a network tool to get this information or you could query Zerto to get the total replica and journal disk usage which is a more common metric to bill on. If you need help with this or have any further questions let me know. Thanks,


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