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Any experience with Nutanix Acropolis?

  • Could anyone share any experience with Nutanix Acropolis?

    Is Nutanix Acropolis compatible with Zerto?


    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Alvaro M,

    Zerto Virtual Replication is not currently compatible with Nutanix Acropolis.

    If you do have a specific need, please do feed us particular information around environment size, impact to you/your customers, etc so we can more accurately plan our product roadmap.




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    Has the status changed with AHV? What is Zerto’s plan to integrate with AHV?


    AHV is still on the roadmap, but I don’t know that it has been given an exact date yet.

    Generally, Zerto keeps an eye on the adoption rates of such technologies and if there is a need for our product in that market. So if you can share your use case, and some details about size we can use that to help align our road map.




    Since it has been almost a year without an update, I figured I’d ask. I am looking to replace my primary and secondary datacenter 3 tiered configuration with HCI, either VxRail or Nutanix. If I go with Nutanix, I could eliminate my vSphere licensing costs by using AHV. I currently have 69 VMs in my datacenter and replicating 28 VPGs to my DR site.


    We are considering support for Nutanix Acropolis on our roadmap.  Please be sure to vote for this feature request on MyZerto at https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/.  There is a feature for this with a few votes.  Your votes help us prioritize engineering on developing this.

    Amy Mitchell

    Zerto Platform Product Manager

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