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almost 2020 – is Orchestrator worth the ‘effort’ ?

  • Good day folks….are you folks who were messing with this 11/2018 still running the Orchestrator ….or just went and kicked it to the curb ?

    certainly this little OVA/VM/app SEEMS like it’d do that which is a ‘manual process’ and i’d LOVE the automation part

    but….is it just way too much of a ‘sorta unsupported ‘ PITB that i shouldn’t even bother , as it will ‘break’ once we do vCenter 6.7 or any other change ?

    our environment , fwiw, vcenter 6.5 , 2 ESXi clusters in two locations….doing zerto sync to offsite location….circa 40+ VMs¬† . zerto v7.0 r2 patch 2

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