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Add check point to VPG via REST API

  • Hi All,

    I found that zerto APIs are very limited.

    Does anyone was able to create a check point on VPG via REST API?



    Hi Slawomir,

    If you are referring to documentation – our API documentation is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all possible APIs with Zerto.

    Rather, it is a compilation of the most frequently used/requested APIs.

    I can reach out to a few of my team members to see if they have a pre-written examples of a REST API that adds checkpoints to VPGs.


    Thanks Ryan,

    Please share as much as you can.

    Is there a way we can find what are all API that given release has operational, so we would be able to test and then use them?



    Great question, Slawomir.

    A list of supported APIs may be available in the release notes but let me check with engineering/dev to see if there is a better place I can point you to.

    I’ll check back when I have some more information for you!

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