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About Zerto for AWS

  • Sucks, Zerto AWS always error “AWS snapshot manager is not reachable ….”, I don’t understand why such an unstable system can be provided to customers?

    Please log a support case, Zerto has many customers utilizing Zerto and AWS together


    Kind Regards


    Dear Sir,

    I have many customers who need to DR to AWS and Azure, can you provide Linux script tool for Ubuntu/SLE? ASAP

    Thanks a lot



    what do you need the script for?

    Zerto can already do DR to AWS and Azure



    Dear Chris,

    We need linux like Ubuntu and Rocky (Onprem VMware to AWS/Azure). and Why always got error message “Zerto AWS Snapshot Manager is not reachable (IP Address). Please verify AWS snapshot Manager is powered on and reachable” on AWS (Seoul and Sydney region)?


    I’ve seen this when protecting OUT of AWS.

    Something to try. Check your IAM Policy assigned the ZCA attached role. If the “ec2:ResourceTag” condition in bold below is present, make a copy of your original policy first, then remove the text and save the policy. Be sure you don’t leave the comma. Try again to create the VPG. If that doesn’t work I’d recommend opening a support ticket.

    “Condition”: {
          “StringEquals”: {
                  “ec2:ResourceTag/ZERTO_TAG”: “ZERTO_VPC_RESOURCE”

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