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  • Q1:  about  how to login  username and password ?

    zerto   Linux version

    The Appliance Manager CLI menu is displayed upon login. The menu provides shortcuts for common operations:

    1. Display current network settings

    2. Configure network settings (assigning a static IP address etc.)

    3. Restart the ZVM service

    4. Reboot the appliance

    5. Shut down the appliance

    6. Upgrade the appliance

    7. Manage SSH

    8. SQL server port manager

    0. Exit to the shell

    Q2:  on the help page

    Upgrading your ZVM on Linux
    https://zerto.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ZAP/pages/50037193/Execute+upgrade    <<< i thin this private access

    Follow these steps to run the ZVM on Linux upgrade:

    1. Take a snapshot of the ZVML machine




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