Cloud Continuity Platform: Enabling the Hybrid Cloud - Zerto

Hybrid Cloud is rapidly becoming the preferred model for IT. A missing piece for enabling true, production grade Hybrid Cloud is the ability to mobilize and protect production workloads between different infrastructure types. The Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform is a new infrastructure concept which enables application mobility and protection across public, managed and private clouds, and across different hypervisors. With the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform the right infrastructure can be used to optimize for cost, SLA and performance with simple scalability and flexibility, without disruption to the business and while enabling full business continuity.

  • Introduction to The Hybrid Cloud
  • Why IT Needs the Hybrid Cloud
  • Current Barriers to Cloud Adoption
  • An Introduction to Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform
  • Key Platform Benefits and Features

Download this white paper and learn more about the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform – empowering you to move, translate, and migrate virtual workloads between virtualized infrastructures with confidence and ease.

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