Upgrade from Veeam Replication to Zerto | Zerto

Feature Comparison: Zerto vs. Veeam Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication can be used to create copies of VMs in a recovery site that can be utilized for disaster recovery. Replication is run on a schedule utilizing snapshots with no consistency groupings of VMs, limiting scalability and breaking the recovery of multi-VM applications.

Zerto completely replaces Veeam for replication by continuously replicating and protecting VMs in consistency groupings without using snapshots, making it efficient and scalable.

Upgrading from Veeam replication couldn’t be easier, with support for coexistence of Veeam backup jobs with Zerto protection, and the ability to use existing replica data to reduce initial data transfers.

Download the full comparison to see how these products stack up and find out more about upgrading to Zerto!

“As our business continues to grow, we need more than just a backup solution. We are increasingly acquiring high-profile customers, so we have to make sure our operations are available to them with minimal disruption. Our storage infrastructure is powerful, yet complex, so we needed something that would replicate without any storage dependencies. Zerto replicates in the hypervisor, greatly simplifying our BC/DR (business continuity and disaster recovery) operations.”

– ┬áMartin Hood, IT Engineering Team Leader, Gamma