The State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Readiness: 2021 - Zerto

The value of data-driven business has never been more powerful. Hence, the demand for data availability and protection is greater than ever. Zerto sponsored a recent study by IDC and found that 60% of organizations have taken steps to be more “data driven” — implementing tools and methods to utilize data more effectively to make decisions faster and with greater accuracy and certainty. For organizations genuinely striving to become data driven, the key foundational element is data availability, underscoring the need for continuous data protection.

In Q1 2021, IDC conducted the study to understand the evolving requirements for backup and disaster recovery. Read the whitepaper  to see how senior-level business and IT executives across North America and Europe are dealing with emerging challenges as they embrace work from home strategies and accelerated digital initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how:

  • New workloads, including containerized applications and SaaS, are driving data protection modernization
  • Pervasive malware and ransomware attacks require organizations to provide protection from them and ensure recovery
  • Organizations who have suffered unrecoverable and data-related business disruptions are modernizing their backup and DR environments with continuous data protection.

*“IDC White Paper, sponsored by Zerto, The State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Readiness: 2021, #US47606921 April 2021”

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