Download this toolkit to access resources to help you build and maintain a resilient IT infrastructure that achieves continuous availability of your data, so you can focus on moving your business forward.

This kit includes:

Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist: Companies of all sizes are deploying applications on virtualized IT infrastructures and in clouds. However, protecting these applications is challenging as traditional replication and disaster recovery (DR) solutions were not designed for virtualized data centers. Review this checklist with the technical and business management teams to ensure your organization can recover from the next disaster.

Best Practices on Mitigating the Ransomware Threat: Incidents of Ransomeware are on the rise, having a solution in place to abate the potential impact to your business operations is critical. Learn ways to protect yourself and should an attack occur, how you can rewind your systems to the last point-in-time before the infection struck, to within a matter of seconds.

Virtual Infrastructure Migration Checklist: This checklist provides an overview to help plan a datacenter migration project and ensure accountability through each step.



icon-pdfDisaster Recovery Planning Checklist

icon-pdfMitigating the Threat of Ransomware

icon-pdfVirtual Machine Migration Checklist

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