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2019 Results are in: 84% weren’t IT resilient enough

The 2019 IDC State of IT Resilience study found that a whopping 84% of respondents experienced a malicious attack in the past 12 months.  Of those organizations who suffered a successful attack, 93%of those attacks resulted in data corruption or loss. Do you know how much a malicious IT attack would cost you?

Find out how to make your organization IT resilient. Remove the risk of disruption and data loss, which can jeopardize customer loyalty, company reputation, productivity and employee morale. With the average cost of downtime at $250,000 an hour across industries, implementing an IT Resilience strategy is necessary not just to survive, but to go beyond your competitors and thrive.

Join us to learn more about the 2019 results. Hear Jayme Williams from Tencate discuss how IT resilience is keeping their multi-national advanced-manufacturing operations running 24/7, and the threat of ransomware a non-issue.

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