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The Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ combines award-winning disaster recovery with the flexibility of the hybrid cloud. Mobilize, protect, recover and test business-critical workloads to and from anywhere.  Get a demo and see for yourself what Zerto can do for you.


Some of the key ways Zerto drives IT Resilience include:

  • Minimal data loss and rapid, automated recovery of data-consistent applications — granting you RPOs of seconds and RPOs of just minutes
  • Rapidly recover from ransomware and never be tempted by ransoms again
  • Simple hybrid cloud adoption with no-impact testing
  • Migrate or burst to the cloud — even between different hypervisors
  • Giving IT the flexibility to innovate while saving time, money, and storage
  • Simple 3-click automated failover or anytime testing to help remove the risk of human error
  • On-the-go visibility into the entire environment — across all sites — with real-time and historical analytics and reporting

“Zerto is hypervisor-based. It’s like one-stop shopping – everything is in a single pane of glass. It is easy for us to use; there are not a lot of moving parts.” – Todd Pappas, Systems Engineer, YVFWC

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