Scary DR Stories - 2022 Edition - Zerto

Stranger Disasters and Gasping Recoveries

Have you ever experienced a downtime event that turned your production environment upside down? You are not alone. IT professionals across the world deal with disasters every single day, but there are some disasters that are stranger than others.

Watch this webinar where three of your peers share their scariest outages or events and discuss how Zerto helps companies recover from being placed in the dungeon of a ransomware attack, and delivers you from things as scary as the Demorgogon.

Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Senior Product Marketing Manager, lead the conversation and share Eleven ways Zerto helps you look like a hero, until your nose bleeds.


Kyleigh Fitzgerald
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Kyleigh Fitzgerald is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. She joined Zerto with long tech marketing background from the web industry, to programmatic advertising, IT consulting and services.

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