Gleadell Agriculture Guarantees Critical Application Protection Without Snapshots - Zerto
Gleadell Agriculture is a leading independent trader of all grains, oil seeds and pulses to markets in the UK and EU. With 140 employees across 5 offices in the UK, purchasing 2,500,000 tonnes from UK farmers annually, the primary trading systems and applications are critical to the financial success of the business. As such, the best protection possible is required to minimize risk exposure.


Together, with Think S3, Zerto was able to provide 60 times faster RPOs, non-disruptive daily DR testing, and support their future IT strategy by enabling fast and simple adoption of Microsoft Azure for production workloads.

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“Over the years, I’ve seen so many problems caused by snapshots. Having a solution that doesn’t use them means I can go to bed without worrying about whether things will still be there in the morning.”