Data Replication Done Right: Discover Hypervisor-based Replication - Zerto

Until now the most common data replication technologies and methods essential to mission-critical BC/DR initiatives have been tied to the physical environment. Although they do work in the virtual environment, they aren’t optimized for it. With the introduction of hypervisor-based replication, Zerto elevates BC/DR up the infrastructure stack where it belongs: in the virtualization layer.

Legacy Replication Challenges:

  • If a data replication solution isn’t virtual-ready, management overhead could be more than doubled.
  • Data is always growing, so a company can find its information inventory expanding exponentially and not have a data replication solution to keep pace.
  • Some replication methods remain firmly tied to a single vendor and hardware platform, limiting the organization’s ability to get the best solutions – and service – at the best price.

Benefits of Hypervisor-Based Replication:

  • Granularity – The ability to replicate at the correct level of any virtual entity is critical. Zerto’s solution can replicate all virtual machines and all of the meta data as well.
  • Scalability – Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication solution is software-based so it can be deployed and managed easily, no matter how fast the infrastructure expands.
  • Hardware-agnostic – Zerto’s data replication is hardware-agnostic, supporting all storage arrays, so organizations can replicate from anything to anything. This allows users to mix storage technologies such as SAN & NAS, and virtual disk types such as RDM & VMFS.

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“When we purchased the software, we knew it would improve our BC/DR process, but we got so much more. We reduced our storage footprint by more than 40%.”