Learn Why Backup is Not Replication - Zerto

Don’t Rely on Backup as Your VMware DR. Evolve to Continous Data Replication from Zerto

Some people think, if you want to protect data in your virtual VMware environment, your easiest solution is to backup VMware using snapshots or agents.  However, solutions like this can slow down your production environment, and they are difficult to scale.

Backup is not disaster recovery. The most effective approach to a BC/DR solution is hypervisor-based replication.

With hypervisor-based replication you receive:

  • Continuous data replication
  • Recovery capabilities built specifically for VMware datacenters
  • Full consistency between and among all application components
  • Zerto’s Offsite Backup for VMware

Download this white paper and understand why hypervisor-based replication is the solution you need.

“The flexibility and usability of the Zerto solution was the deciding factor in our decision. Because the technology is hardware and storage agnostic, it provides us superior protection encompassing our entire environment, without the need for vendor-specific solutions. The singular management interface allows us to seamlessly manage our replication groups within the vSphere client, and provides excellent visibility of the replication statistics and process. Setup and configuration was quick and painless, and were completed within only a few hours. Zerto has proven to be indispensable in our environment and we are very pleased with the results we’ve seen.”