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ZVM With Multiple Peers

  • Ihave some question about Zerto 5.0 Feature
    In Zerto 5.0, one vm can be have maximum 3 VPGs, in local Site or another site, and how about ZVM.
    Can be ZVM have 2 peers ZVM, like picture in attachment.


    Hi Alter,

    I don’t see an attachment but I can still provide you with the information you’re looking for.

    Yes, ZVM can have multiple peers (paired sites), even in versions previous to ZVR 5.0. Each ZVM can protect up to 5,000 virtual machines, but pairing multiple ZVMs allows your environment to grow well beyond that, and we do have customers doing so.

    Also, for clarity — yes, one VM can belong to 3 VPGs maximum. This is pending that each of these particular VPGs replicates to a unique site destination (including the local source site as an option for destination replication) from the others in this trio.

    I hope this helps! I’d love to hear about your current or intended use cases or anything you’d like to share about your environments around the multiple-ZVM capability or the new One-to-Many VM replication technology. We’re excited as we know this is a game changer for many organizations (plus we are always looking to ever-improve out roadmap to align with your roadmap of usage)!



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    Hi Harry This Is Replication Scenario For 3 Site



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