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ZVM – Windows to Linux migration

  • Is there any method of migrating from the Windows ZVM to the new Linux-based ZVM?  I’m not seeing anything documented, only that it will be in an “upcoming release”.

    We’ve set up a lab with the current Windows ZVM and its VRAs then deployed the Linux ZVMs.  We can link them but only one VRA can exist on a host and cannot see any way to migrate VPGs.  If there is a document explaining this, please let me know.

    Our only other thought is to tear down what exists today, deploy the Linux ZVMs, new VRAs and start over.  This causes DR downtime that we’d like to avoid.

    I’m guessing Zerto no longer monitors these forums?  Has anyone else successfully migrated off the Windows ZVM to a Linux ZVM?  Thanks.  If no answer soon, I’ll open a SEV1 ticket.  😉

    Did you get an answer? I’m also curious.

    @David K, no reply at all.  Ever since HP took over this company, the forum has gone unnoticed and we no longer get answers from anyone.  They either do not monitor it or simply do not care about the customer.  We’ve paid our last invoice to them and are seeking alternatives while this next year passes.

    I spoke to Zerto support yesterday; they will provide a migration tool with version 10 which is expected to be released next week.

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