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Zerto resiliency

  • I’m looking for any information to help protect the zerto environment and a few things come to mind since we’ve been using it that i hope the community could help with.  Is there any way to make the loss of a VRA less impactful?  We lost a host recently and all the VPGs that were syncing through that host’s VRA needed to delta sync after they were moved to another host.  Is there anyway around this?

    Also, I understand that if enough journal recovery points are lost, a delta sync kicks off but with 24 hours worth of recovery points, why does being offline for an hour cause a delta sync?  We had a maint window last weekend that lasted about an 1 1/2 hours and the machines syncing one way (2) just bitmap sync’d and all the others going the other way (11) did delta syncs which take at minimum 24 hours to complete.

    Of course if you lose a vCenter instance (we use the appliance) you’re back to square one.  Perhaps keeping a regular backup of this database would be helpful.

    I do export the configurations from the ZVMs.  Are there any other actions I can take to help protect the resiliency of Zerto?

    Hi Seth,

    Have you tried the change recovery VRA option?

    This can help in situations where you need to change from one recovery host to another.


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