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Zerto Off-Site Replication for VMware

  • Dear Team,

    We have a customer who’s production / primary environment is on VMware vSphere 8 with 4 node cluster. They want to implement an off-site data store solution for additional data store point, plus a ransomware protection.

    What our suggestion is to have Zerto to replicate data from primary vCenter to public cloud environment. Customer does not want to go with AWS architecture or VMware on Oracle architecture hence, currently having discussions with a local telco who can provide cloud environment.

    But this telco has VMware vCloud Director and they can only give an instance from it.

    We have requested VMs for ZCA, zSAT, zASA, and zImporter and VMs from primary cluster to be replicated to telco cloud.

    Is there any issues with this architecture that you see..? apart from the storage capacity required for the VMs (~10TB), we need to have a separate capacity for immutable storage (~10TB).

    Appreciate your advices.


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