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Zerto Maximums?

  • I’ve searched the forums and documentation repos for maximums/limits for Zerto.  I’m working on a comparison with Site Recovery Manager, and this is one of the criteria for comparison I need to provide to management in my report.  Is anyone aware of any maximums document produce by Zerto?



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    Hey Gene,

    This is available in the documentation downloads in MyZerto>TechnicalDocuments. Both SRM and Zerto support a max 5000 protected VMs per vCenter. Do you need anymore specific comparisons on maximums? The biggest differentiator isn’t maximums for 99% of customers. Its install time, 1 day vs 2-4 weeks, simplicity of all in one replication & automation vs separate solutions and finally no lock-in vs something that is locked into matching vSphere versions! Thanks,


    Hi Joshua,


    Thanks for the response.  I was able to get the information I needed from my Zerto SE, and that’s all cleared up.  If you want to take a look at the comparison I’ve put together: here

    I saw the 5.0 documentation was put up, so going through that now, to see how/if anything changes, but I’m likely to do another comparison between 5.0 and SRM 6.5 whenever it gets released.

    IT Professional with focus on VMware Virtualization and BCDR solutions.

    Good stuff, Gene. If you encounter any trouble finding anything please let us know and we’ll try to ensure our documentation covers it, if possible.

    Else, if you need additional data I may be able to help with that, too (for example: “Recovery Points” currently states 14 days and is now 30, but on top of that, even with 14 days it could still be hundreds (or more) of recovery points per VM within that time period, versus a maximum of 24 recovery points over 24 days (only 1 per day maximum in this scenario) with vSphere Replication).



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