Zerto evaluation

  • Hi All

    I’m evaluating Zerto for a customer Business Continuity project.

    The solution involves one vcenter with no BC hosts (to protect only against a storage outages).

    I read that VRA use network and a local Journal sistem for a asyncronous replica , but what about using same hosts for replications? Does VRA uses directly access to the BC datastores to replicates vms instead of network?

    It is possible to protect a windows vcenter with zerto replications? what about the restore procedure is it the same for the others vms?

    Sorry but I didn’t found nothing about these ¬†doubts on the official documentations

    thanks inadvance



    Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) does support a single vCenter configuration, even to the same site. Keep in mind is you do have a single point of failure if the vCenter is unavailable.

    ZVR works with vCenter for operations. You could configure Zerto Offsite Backup for additional protection of the environment, but you will still need a vCenter functioning to recover the VMs.

    Senior Technical Architect at Zerto

    Very good to know, thank you!


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