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Zerto Alert customisation

  • Team,

    We receive lots of Zerto alerts during the ESX, any network maintenance. Please let me know whether we can disable particular VPG alerts , ESX VRA alert during the maintenance period and any further alert customization is possible.




    Is there any news about alert customisation for Zerto? We find that during maintenance tasks zerto kicks out an absolutely horrendous amount of alerts. It would be useful to be able to disable alerts on a per-host/VRA basis during known maintenance windows.


    Or in fact, any kind of alert/threshold customization whatsoever in Zerto would be useful as it is very bare bones.

    Alert customization is a MUST HAVE. We receive thousands of various alerts a day. Most of these alerts clear in the same second that they are generated and we need to change the threshold of when an alert email is sent.

    Adding to this request.  The Alert volume with Zerto is overwhelming even when something simple happens.  Please put in a squelch mechanism of some sort.

    How to customize Zerto Alerts Notifications:


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