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Zerto Access for Merger / Aquisition

  • Goal: Complete a Data Center Migration of services hosted on a virtual environment.

    Scenario: Company ‘A’ (an existing Zerto customer) has purchased a division of Company ‘B’.  The systems and services of the division purchased exist in a co-mingled Vmware vSphere environment in Company ‘B’. The intention is to install Zerto in Company ‘B’s environment and then migrate systems from Company ‘B’s data center to Company ‘A’s data center.

    Constraints: Company ‘B’ has strict security requirements and will not allow access by Company ‘A’.

    Note: It appears that a ZVM (Zerto Virtual Manager) installed in Company ‘B’ can be paired with a ZVM in Company ‘A’.


    1. When pairing with the recovery site (at Company ‘A’), it is assumed that Company ‘B’ will create and manage all VPGs (Virtual Protection Groups). Is there a guide to limit access by Company ‘B’?
    2. It is assumed that Company ‘A’ will not have access and control to the source ZVM.  Is this correct?
    3. Is there a document or tutorial available for this scenario?


    It would probably be easier to explain this on a phone call… So if you would like to shoot me an email at justin.paul@zerto.com and we can setup a time… however I will do my best to explain.

    ZVM leverages an admin user account for interaction with vCenter at each site.

    Zerto has two flavors of licensing, standard and enterprise cloud edition, with standard edition there is no role-based access control.

    For example, with standard Zerto licensing a user either has full rights or no rights. There is no “hey this user has full access to this group, but not that group”, our ECE version does have that though.

    So to directly answer your question, I’ve seen people solve this problem two ways.

    1.) move the VM’s to a few ESX hosts, then stand up a temporary vCenter server and swing those ESX hosts over to that temp vCenter. Install ZVM, and then it will only have access to those VM’s

    2.) Purchase ECE licensing, have company B install ZVM as well as Zerto Cloud Manager (which allows the role based access control as well as resource access control) …. this will allow company B to only allow company A to have access to certain virtual machines or resource pools, certain datastores, etc etc.

    (Again this is probably easier to show you on a demo, or talk about on a phone call… but let me know if you understand or need more info)



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