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ZCP Enterprise Certification Course

  • Hi,

    We are using Zerto in our environment and I am trying to complete all the training \ get certified in the product.

    I have completed the “Introduction to IT Resilience” and the “Zerto Certified Associate” courses thinking this will then allow me to move on to the next level of training, however the only other courses I have available in My Learning are:

    • What’s New in ZVR 6.0
    • The Bald Truth: Disaster Recovery and IT Resilience Basics
    • ZVR Webinar Series

    Is there something special that I need to do to get to the ZCP Enterprise Certification Course? or do I need to complete the above first for that to become available?


    Thank you for your help

    Can anybody please help me out . I have the same issue.

    Morning Turja C,

    I ended up contacting support and they found that my email address alias did not match the one they had for us on record. So I recreated my account with the correct alias and the did some magic on my account to link it to the company and I was good.

    Hope this helps

    Support is helpful, just give them a call and they will help sort this out for you.




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