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ZCP 5.0 Basic isn’t available in "My Course"

  • Hi,


    I want to do the training for ZCP 5.0 Basic Cert, but it isn’t available in “My Courses”. Only “What’s new” is availbale.

    Am I’m doing something wrong?

    BTW: The Redirect from the “training”-link at the zerto main-page works only with Internet Explorer. With Chrome for example you always get back to the main-page ;).


    Thanks for you help!


    Kind regards,


    Hey Martin,

    I’ve passed this onto our manager of online training and one of us will come back to you asap. Thanks,


    Hi Martin,

    As a follow up to your edit regarding the “training” link, could you elaborate your steps for me? I’m not sure I understand, and my links appear to work as expected when using Chrome, and it also appears to be the same behavior for me when I am using IE, too.



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    I have the same issue, I dont have the 5.0 Basic training on my courses. Thanks,,

    Hello Harry,


    thanks for your reply.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but now it works in chrome, too :).


    It’s magic.




    Hello Timur,

    in our case the reason why I can’t see the ZCP is, that we bought our licence over a distribution partner of Zerto and the ZCP is only available for direct customers.


    Apologies about the confusion around course/training access. We’ll follow-up separately via email. If any others need assistance too, please contact training@zerto.com so that it’s logged in our ticket system and the appropriate team can tackle in a timely manner. Thanks!

    – Kevin

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