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ZCA Limits

  • I am planning out a solution using Zerto and Azure. The primary site is running VMware. The DR site is Azure. I will need to replicate roughly 300 VMS of varying sizes. I’ve read up upping the limits for my tenant. However, there are a few things I am not clear on.

    -It seems that in previous versions of Zerto, you could have more than one ZCA per Azure tenant. Is that no longer an option/needed with version 9?

    When I installed the ZCA, a scaleset was created with 41 instances. I will hit that limit pretty quickly. Do I increase the limit or do I need another scaleset?

    Hi Peter,  you can still run multiple ZCA’s if required

    the best way to plan this is to use the Zerto planning tool – get in touch with your Sales team to help with this!

    with regards to the scale sets 41 is the limit imposed by zerto and zerto will control these automatically so no need to change any of these settings



    Hi Chris. Thanks for your help. Based on your advice, I ran the planning tool. It says I need two more ZCAs.  I can’t find anything in the guide about adding additional ZCAs to an existing Azure site. Do you have a procedure for this?

    Hi Peter J

    The quantity of logs that are kept in the directory might be decreased. Please read this post, which goes into great detail on how to lower log retention:

    https://help.zerto.com/kb/000004007 doodle cricket

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