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When can we Expect Zerto ESXi 7.0 U3 support?

  • Because of the Major BUG fixes in ESXI 7.0 U3c, it would be nice that Zerto supports this version also, so we do not have a very long waiting time upgrading our ESXi hosts. Customer Images from several hardware vendors are in place quite some time. Please confirm expected date for Zerto Support on ESXi 7.0 U3c, thanks in advance

    I 2nd this as in addition to vendor custom images, EMC released their vxRail code 7.0.320 (basically U3c) within 2 days of vmware releasing U3c.  I’m sure vmware made the u3c code available to zerto long before it was officially released.   I did read the matix, but missed the little tiny disclaimer under the vcenter 7.0 u3c supported saying (* esxi 7.0 u3 is not supported), and now have an entire datacenter with 2 week + lag in replication.   Impossible to downgrade an HCI cluster as vSAN disk version was upgraded from 14 to 15.  It would involve rebuilding the entire cluster and restoring everything, which is impossible.  Please zerto try to put a rush on support, or at least a workaround/tweak to at least get replication working again!


    Clay can you confirm just adding the release from the KB article works with 7u3c?

    Due to the security fix in U3c, we also deployed new ESXi hypervisors with that version but unable to install VRA. I thought it was technically possible to install VRA even Zerto officially does not support it. It is a big disappointment that still Zerto did not release a new supported version.

    Tim, that KB does NOT work.  I tried it.  The vra’s stop saying “unsupported version” but still generate errors, and do not register the hosts with the vra service.  Yeah major disappointment that zerto support just shrugs their shoulders, reference their lovely matrix and offer no attempts to at least fix.  I have an entire datacenter which is a sitting duck for over 2 weeks now.

    Same boat for us. VxRail upgrade to 7.0.3U3C this weekend has broken our DR, and we’re now looking at contingency plans using Veeam to get our data over to our DRaaS provider. What a mess.

    Same for us too.  Getting tired of the Zerto lag in releasing version support, especially given how much these licenses cost.

    Hi Support,

    Given the reactions concerning this post, we as system engineers share the same outcome. Maybe someone at Zerto Support is so kind to respond because this apparently is a big issue so pleas advice us customers. thanks in advance.


    Hello All,

    Zerto has a patch in the QA and testing phase now. We plan to release it as soon as testing has finished and all bugs are fixed. The long delay for u3 support is twofold.

    1.) VMware pulled the u3 code early on and it wasn’t apparent if they were going to support those customers who did upgrade to the code that was pulled, we paused work on part 2 because of lack of information.

    2.) while u3 was just an update release, the changes that were made to the storage subsystem were very substantial. Many things changed which caused a large effort of work on our part. Hence the major QA and Testing effort that has followed.


    The short answer is that we hope to have a patch released in the next 1-2 weeks.


    In the future, I hope to shorten the lag time between VMware release and Zerto release. I am trying to foster closer relationships with VMware’s product team because of our HPE ownership as well as through better collaboration at the Product team level. I also have a second effort in the works that may also help shorten the lag time, but right now it’s still in the planning phase.

    Hi Justin,

    That explains alot thank you for the time taken to explain you’re answer, we as customers hope indeed that the lag time can be shorter for future VMware ESXi releases.

    We hope to update within 2 weeks, thanks again.


    hey guys

    in the same boar here, please release support for 7.0 U3 ASAP, thanks a lot I had to delay an implementation because of this

    Hey Justin:

    Any updates on timing?

    We are operating some expensive contingency plans to make it through until support for 7.0.3 is available. Any additional insight is appreciated.

    Hi, Any updates?

    My Zerto Environment is DEAD for 3 weeks now …


    Hi Zerto support,

    Do we have any updates here please? Just another week now.

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