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vSphere Upgrade

  • Currently running Zerto 10 U3 with a couple of 7.0.3 UO vCenters.  We need to upgrade the vCenters and Hosts to 8.0.x in the next month or two.  We are planning on “upgrading” the vCenters.  Even though the “upgrade” process spawns new vCenters, it then migrates all of the data over from the original vCenter to the new one and then the new one assumes the original name and IP.  Does Zerto handle this gracefully, or am I going to have to document all of the VPG’s, build out new Zerto appliances, and then redeploy the whole thing?



    This may help with what you are looking for. I am going to be doing the same thing: Upgrading or Reinstalling VMware Components (zerto.com)

    Thanks Mike.  I probably should have updated that question a couple of weeks ago.  I cross posted it on the Zerto SubReddit and had an answer the next day.  Much appreciated though.

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