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VSAN 6.6 Encryption

  • Trying to locate an answer to the supportability of vSAN 6.6 cluster wide encryption. We are moving to Zerto for DR and also looking to implement vSAN native  encryption. Based on where the encryption is occuring on the stack I would think Zerto is compatible. I dont see in the support documents where it calls out the compatibility only that it supports vSAN 6.6

    Hi Jon,

    From what I’ve gathered, VMW’s data-at-rest encryption does not break stuff like replication and backup, so it’s just another storage level encryption.  I would expect ZVR to work with it. I would also expect the nested failure domains (my short way of saying “Enhanced Stretched Clusters with Local Failure Protection”) would also work, to me it is the same as using ZVR on any other physical stretched storage – let the controller/vSAN handle the details.

    Hopefully, this helps.  If I were you I would double check this with the technical resource that you’ve been in touch with for the discovery.  Let me know if you need me to make any introductions.


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