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VRA’s during Vmware Cluster upgrade

  • Hey,
    the source Vmware Cluster of our site will be upgraded next week, how should we handle the VRA’s during this process? do we need to reinstall them? or can we just upgrade them after the cluster upgrade?

    Hi, Guy from Zerto Support Here.

    Am I understanding correctly, that you are planning to upgrade the underlying ESXi hosts on which the Zerto environment is ‘sitting’?

    If so, there are two considerations you’ll need to take into account:

    The first consideration is the compatibility between the ESXi version you are upgrading to and the ZVR. This should always be verified using this Interoperability Matrix.

    The second is the question of the VRAs. I highly recommend you read the How to Perform Host Maintenance Without Affecting Replication KB article, which explains how to make sure replication is not affected by the upgrade.

    As always, if you have any issues you can always feel free to open a support ticket with us via MyZerto.


    Hey guy,

    the maintenance is planned for the source cluster, i see that you’ve provided information that is required the evacuate source VRA before the host maintenance, this option is grayed out for me on the Clients ZVM

    is that a problem when we will try to Vmotion the VRA to another host?

    Hey, Yaron from Zerto Support Here.

    This option is grayed out because evacuate can only work on a recovery VRA.

    when you enter maintenance mode for the host, the VRA on this host will shut down so if you have any VMs on this host you can vMotion them to another host.

    If you do not vMotion source VMs, after the upgrade is over delta sync will be initiated.

    vMotion the VRA to another host is not supported by Zerto and should not occur at all.

    Best regards

    Ok just to make it clear,

    all i need to do is to evacuate the host itself via Vmotion and no further action through the ZVM is required


    Yes, the VRA will power off and will stay under the maintained host.

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